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Are you my family? These children ask!

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Lost and found children now residing  in our various places of safety.

Missing children

Success stories! 

Rescued and reunified children with their parents or relatives


Featured success stories…


A family in Makueni County got an early Christmas gift

when they were reunited with a sister who had been

lost for 12 years.

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It was an emotional moment as a couple reunited with
their seven year old daughter who went missing for
six months. The girl, Maureen Akwavi who got lost
from her parent’s Shauri Moyo home in January
was traced to Mama Ngina Children’s home
after her photo was published on one of the
local dailies among lost and found children.

 “Today, I cried tears of joy.

I will manage a smile. I will eat.

I have not been able to sleep

since my child disappeared,”

Baby Emmanuel Kizito had been under the custody

of the Child Welfare Society of Kenya

at the Mama Ngina Children’s Home in South C

since September 28,

where he was taken by officers from Kasarani Police Station.

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Today we report on the conclusion to Catherine Obonyo’s

decade-long search for her lost son.

It is a story of restoration that began in 2002

when Moses disappeared from his home in Kibera

and culminates in an emotional reunion over 400

kilometers away in the County of Bungoma.